Zimrazim & Others 's Githyanki Insults

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Zimrazim & Others 's Githyanki Insults

Started By Zimrazim:

Githyanki are normally polite toward one another... but not always. None of the insults below should be used against a githyanki carelessly by the wise.

Venerator: Very insulting term for a priest. The original meaning refers specifically to members of the illithid Venerator Creed.

Battle-thrall: Someone who is excessively hot-headed and combative (but not too intelligent), even by githyanki standards. Sometimes used (by not-so-orthodox githyanki) to refer to the most fanatically religious of githyanki. Someone who is a little too quick to blindly follow orders. Someone who is a slave to his desire to fight, beyond all other considerations.

Brain-trader: This insult refers to those gith and barbarians who willingly sell brains, usually in the form of living githyanki, humans, kobolds, etc. to the mind flayers. A serious insult to the honor of any githyanki so insulted -- unless, of course, one actually is a brain-trader. May imply that the person being insulted is either totally unscrupulous or an active servant of the illithid.

Brain-taster: A fancy term (translated directly from Undercommon) for an illithid performance eater. Might be applied to a githyanki who's either regarded as really weird, or who is regarded as sadistic even by githyanki standards.

Breeding-thrall: One of the worst insults in the Githyanki language. Originally used to refer to thralls who were used primarily to make more thralls, and/or who were provided as rewards to other thralls for good behavior. May, however, be used to refer to someone of either gender. Sometimes used to refer to barbarian prostitutes or slaves, concubines/concubitors, and so on.

Personal-thrall: Illithids have a custom of each selecting one or more thralls to do things like take care of their personal quarters, be their personal bodyguards, dress them, carry their things, and so on: these are "personal thralls." When used, this insult usually implies that the person being insulted is excessively, slavishly devoted to someone or something, or actually serving a particular illithid.

Overseer: Illithid have another custom of using some slaves to act as overseers over the others. Implies that the person being insulted is extremely domineering and bullying.

Cattle: Generic insult. Another term for "illithid food."

Thrall-herder: Similar to "overseer" above, may be used to refer to someone with an extremely domineering personality. May be used more specifically to refer to (usually barbarian or illithid) members of the Thrallherd prestige class. Githyanki psi-dominators (and mage enchantment-school specialists) consider this term very offensive!



Pawn: The githyanki recognize that many beings serve the illithids' interests without ever knowing it. Those that are manipulated by the mind flayers without ever actually coming in contact with them are pawns of the illithids. Calling someone a pawn isn't as bad as calling them a thrall, but it does imply foolishness, ignorance, and weakness. In many githyankis' minds, all barbarians are potential pawns, as they are inferior and succeptible to manipulation.



ragpicker: Humiliating insult for a githyanki of the lower castes. Commonly heard in the barracks as a means to test young githwarriors' self-control, for an undisciplined mind is a liability in battle, where level senses are needed.

blood-thinner: Some githyanki find themselves attracted to individuals outside of their people and for more racially-obsessive githyanki, these relations are an abomination. The resulting offspring are referred to as 'xho’xisth-stvokka' roughly translated as "lesser-kin".

ha’yadha-ph'naij: A person, either githyanki or another humanoid, suspected of having githzerai heritage somewhere in their family. This can also be employed to refer to an impossibility.

Example: Ras'thurkk and Jai-en'lin? That's ha’yadha-ph'naij if ever I heard of it!"

xho’xisth-stvokka: common insult for those with diluted githyanki blood. A person suspected of having a githzerai (horrors!) in the family tree is referred to as a 'ha’yadha-ph'naij', roughly translated as a 'greater abomination'

*ph'naij is also used to refer to bad luck, bad karma or as a term for someone who deserves to experience extreme suffering.

-Chaotic Goth 1431

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I miss Zimrazin and Azure,

I miss Zimrazin and Azure, our game was amazeballs, and the crash basically killed it :(
I tried to get in touch with Azure, as I had an old email of his, but I got a demon mail failure reply if I remember correctly. (sorry if this is unrelated to the OP.)