Syncretic Religions

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Syncretic Religions

In this era of greater sensitivity to concerns of cultural appropriation (which, let’s be clear, are legitimate), I’m wondering about people’s ideas for how to... generalize, or make more FANTASY, the active religions that are found in Legend Lore..

I mean, there are people that still venerate or acknowledge Shinto, Hindi, and other deities in those books (Celtic, maybe, but veneration of Celtic deities seems based less on unbroken ongoing religious activity and more towards an idea of what they represented then brought forward today).

The other issue is that we are GOING to misinterpret, or base on highly biased material, the representation of certain deities. If I understand correctly, Kali’s representation in this game is mostly based on British Imperialist interpretations, for example.

So, is there a way to create Syncretic religions for the game that evoke an idea without appropriating it, in order to make the Planes dynamic and represent a world (or more) worth of venerated figures and brings. Like, the Gozo Oni and Mezu Oni, I’ve learned through Dr. Internet, are the Japanese name for two beings called “Ox Head” and “Horsebhead” that guard the gates to the Underworld in a broad swathe of East Asian religions.

I’m not sure if this makes any sense. What are your thoughts?

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