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Plane of Inventors

I don't know how many people will see this given the dire warnings the website gives but I am hoping to brainstorm some ideas.

I want create a plane/demiplane for inventors and creators. I mean this in terms of mechanical devices or creation of physical objects (not like "inventing language", etc.) Does anyone have any suggestions for locations or persons to include?

Here are some of my ideas so far (and a few of these were lifted out of other planes):

-Awakened: an area where sentient gnomish inventions gather

-Contraption: a clockwork city that seems that it may have been ripped from Mechanus. The city is a giant invention of the residents that is constantly being tweaked and improved (often involving conflicting goals)

-Daedelus’ Isle: home to the once-great inventor, Daedalus. He keeps a pair of wax wings on his wall. Once each month, he is visited by his son and they soar the skies together and celebrate

-The Fields of Talos: Talos is a giant metal robot built by Hephaestus designed to protect Crete. It would circle the island watching for pirates and invaders. It was destroyed by the Argonauts when they release its hydraulic fluid. The god brought it here.
Talos has decided to spend the eons as a cowherd. “He” now tends the Colchis bulls, mechanical beasts capable of breathing fire and with bronze hooves.
He is aided by Laelaps, a stone (but still mobile) dog that is destined to catch anything it hunts. Laelaps is fixated on catching the uncatchable Teumessian fox (who normally resided in the Beastlands but who is compelled to return to this plane to torment Laelaps)

-The Forgotten Idol: a colossal statue dedicated to a forgotten deity named MacGyver

-Genesis Forge: the source from where the quesar were forged. The celestials then abandoned it. Recently, some being or group has restarted the forge and is creating warforged

-Goldburg: a village presided over by a man named Rube where every simple task is accomplished by pointlessly elaborate, multi-step devices

-Hespaetus/Vulcan’s Forge: contains a dimensional passage to Olympus.
Cyclopes that help the god at his forge. They are far more intelligent than the average cyclops

-Jordain’s “Tower”: The home of the highly respected and creative wizard, Jordain, was built into the side of a titanic snail’s rainbow-hued shell. The wizard enjoys the slow crawl across the plane

-Leonis: an area named after the famous but seldom encountered mage that resides here. It is a realm where numerous inventions and automata roam freely.
For unknown reasons, regular magic faulters here but magical engines (trapped elemental energies) are especially powerful even though the magic that binds these forces tends to collapse when taken to other planes. For this reason, steampunk technology flourishes here.
The mage’s tower hovers above the land on propellers and flapping, daVinci–like wings attached to the tower itself. Below, one can find self-powered steamboats, driverless wagons and other automata roaming freely. Some of these creations resemble animals; others resemble engines of industry that operate without controllers. Some allow mortals and petitioners to board or transport; some are much more reclusive and independent. It is speculated that the more ornate and elaborate an invention is, the more likely it will work in this area thus almost everything is of relatively large size and involves complex designs that would have made daVinci proud. There is speculation that if these inventions were removed from this plane, most of them would cease to work. (See "Vortex of Madness" adventure for more information)

-Mirrodin: a small village created by a golem that was designed to be an engine of war in Acheron. The golem broke his programming and is now a plane-walking explorer

-The Mithril Forge: at this forge, any dwarf or gnome gains fire resistance for the day. With this boon, the smiths push inventions to their limit. This said to be the spot where the famous dwarven smiths, Brokkr and Sindri, forge Thor’s hammer Mjolnir as well as Frey’s golden boar and Odin’s magical ring, Draupnir. Other items forged by the Sons of Ivaldi include Odin’s spear, Frey’s folding ship, the golden hair for Sif and the chains that hold the Fenrir wolf in check. This domain has passages to Ysgard

-Porcelain Vista: a land inhabited by citizens composed of ceramic clay or china doll porcelain. This town is rumored to be near a source of clay that was used by the gods to fashion several of the races. While the residents appear to be fine china dolls/golems, they are fully sentient and have “normal” personalities. The only non-porcelain individual is the “Potter”, who is the de facto authority. Some claim that the “Potter” is the famous sculptor, Pygmalion, who once created a statue so beautiful that he fell in love with it and the gods brought her to life

-Runeforge: created for the purpose of forging items of tremendous magical power. The interior walls are etched with glowing primordial runes of power (or all alignments). Statues of the seven runelords who ruled in its first days

-Tvashtri’s Lab: the lab of the long-lost inventor. If a puzzle can be solved, the mechanical golem that wanders this area will transforms into a portal to hidden library of knowledge.
King Alkinous has taken up residence here as he works to create animal forms of automatons. His most famous inventions include robotic watchdogs plated in silver and gold as well as a mechanical owl named Bubo

-The Wandering Castle of Jhardeen: this castle is set upon the back of a giant, mobile, six-legged mechanical turtle. A community of inventive gnomes has settled around the castle

-Windwrath: windy realm of god of wild fits of inspiration that sits atop one of the mountain peaks (although the specific peak seems to shift periodically)

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Not sure if you're using

Not sure if you're using third party products, there also a place in Midgard's Dark Roads and Golden Hells called the Plane of Gears, or Rusty Gears. It could be a discarded piece of Mechanus that formed this place.

Of the persons to include there's Trobriand the Metal Mage (Halaster's apprentice) and the Hands of Time shop in Sigil.

I used to run a campaign in Midgard's city of Zobeck and collected some other books that deal with technology and invention:

Steamworks it has cool 3.5 Technologist and Inventor classes, and devices.
Mechamancy by EN Publishing
and the Iron Kingdoms setting has lots of stuff

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Thanks for the Suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions. I was starting to fear that I wouldn't get any feedback from the few people left on the site

I considered Trobriand but he (or at least his output) is pretty well established in Undermountain and I didn't want to do anything too derivative of that.
I considered that after his death (I think he is dead or missing in the canon lore) he might have passed on to this plane and started working on something REALLY BIG. But I couldn't think of a project that would feel epic enough - I'm open to suggestions

I have very few third-party products just due to limited funds but I will definitely try to milk any ideas I can from the Amazon (etc.) summaries and product reviews I can find from the clues you've given me. Thanks

Does anyone else have any "gonzo" steampunk ideas that would work here?

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I really like your demiplane.

I really like your demiplane. You've really included a lot of wonderful color.

Here are a few more connections and mysteries you might include:

On the four positive Quasielemental Planes, near the borders with the Positive itself, there are four Towers, each of which enhances craftsmanship or skill in some way. The Tower of Lead (on Mineral) is most accessible, where there is a magnificent forge with plenty of tools, including some of unknown type. The Tower of Healing (on Radiance) enhances healing spells and even cures diseases of those who stay. The Tower of Ice (on Steam) enhances alchemy. No one knows what the Tower of Storms (on Lightning) does -- the trick to entering is unknown. But one thing about all these Towers (the three that can be entered, anyway) is that those who stay too long disappear. Perhaps these sites have connections to your demiplane -- maybe as a source of power and magical energy?

A dark connection: Baphomet, Prince of Beasts, dwells within the Endless Maze deep in the Abyss. There he tinkers endlessly on gruesome experiments in his Tower of Science. His art is the making of monsters rather than machines, but it seems that on dark nights in your demiplane, when the moon is new and wolves howl in the distance, there might be a place in the plane where someone interested in learning how to sew flesh might be able to commune with the demon lord. Recall that Daedalus also made the wooden cow that hid Pasiphäe so that she could copulate with the white bull of Minos and give birth to Asterios the Minotaur... perhaps Baphomet's creations are drawn to the inventor who acquiesced to such a degenerate wish. Minotaurs could be a danger in some regions of the plane, especially in any mazelike access tunnels.

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The Minotaur of legend was named Asterios?...I did not know that
Secondly, I appreciate the positive feedback.
Regarding the four quasi-elemental towers, I think this could make an interesting connection back to my new plane as the towers seem to cover the “sciences” of
Forging metal (Lead)
“Forging”/knitting flesh (Healing)
Chemical reactions/alchemy (Ice/Steam)
Lightning is associated (in my mind) with powering life whether it be warforged or a Frankenstein-type flesh golem

I could easily see the quasi-elemental towers transferring energies to a parallel set of towers used by the creators/inventors of my plane. (Although I am currently torn of whether this should be four separate sites on my plane or if they should power four different wings within a single almost godly laboratory)
I had not considered tying Daedalus’ labyrinth to Baphomet (probably because I always thought of Daedalus’ original as a work-for-hire assignment instead of something that interested Daedalus himself).

I usually think of labyrinths/mazes in the role where they often symbolize navigating a spiritual path of complexity to find some deeper spiritual “core”. (The Forgotten Realms/Chultian god, Ubtao, sort-of captures this vibe.) But I guess that instead of “deeper spiritual core” at the center of the maze, it could alternatively house “repressed bestial/demonic impulses”

I don’t think I would have one of Baphomet’s flesh-labs on my plane, but I think it would make sense that some of the passages of Baphomet’s Abysmal level might have planar exits into Daedalus’ labyrinth on my new plane. So, it is probably a fairly common occurrence for explorers in Daedalus’ maze to encounter these “lost” monstrosities. I don’t think I would have any of them escape the maze (I mean if the original Minotaur couldn’t do it, I don’t think any subsequent experiments would have a chance)

Conversely, some the creativity of my plane might flow into the Abyss and inspire the next round of Baphomet’s projects