Agnosticism on the Outer Planes

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Agnosticism on the Outer Planes

The Outer Planes are literally formed from Faith and Belief. Changing the beliefs of a bunch of berks on an Outer Plane can actually make the land they live on move to another plane. So what happens when a bunch of people just have no opinion and do not believe in anything? Does the land they dwell on start to dissolve? Does it move toward the Spire? Was the possible side-effect a reason the Lady of Pain banished or outright killed so many Free League members? Hmm...

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Shades of Meh

Don't the Athar or the Signers sort of cover this?

I suppose it depends what you mean by "don't believe in anything". If I hit one of them with a brick, do they not believe the brick exists? If you mean that they literally don't believe in ANYTHING, then I could see this group becoming ghost-like and phasing out of existence.

If you mean that they don't believe in religious power, I could see a theological equivalent of the Spire forming (since I don't see this disbelief affecting magical energy like the Spire does)

If you mean that they just don't care about anything one way or the other (a faction of Shruggers who just respond to everything with "Whatever..."), that would be of limited power. You may not care about a brick being thrown at your head or a demigod rampaging through your town but unless your were phasing out (as per my first example), you still have to deal with the effects of the thing about which you are disinterested.

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I'd say they do dissolve,

I'd say they do dissolve, just these are very rare individuals, not groups, and when they disappear nobody notices

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A town of people with no

A town of people with no particularly strong beliefs would just be an amalgamation of people with no particular spiritual "momentum."

I would say refusing to hold any strong beliefs is a belief in itself, paradoxically (the Tao has something to say about that), and would actively align them with the Outlands in its aspect as the Plane of Concordant Opposition. If that sounds like the Free League to you, then Sigil is on the Outlands, so that shouldn't be a problem for the City I would think.

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Great question

Agnosticism has a different meaning in a world where the gods are all up and walking around; just as the Atheists are reframed into the Athars, not as people who believe gods don't exist but rather who believe gods aren't really gods, so an Agnostic would be reframed into someone who believes there are more mysteries out there, that the answers to the great questions are unknown and perhaps unknowable. They'd assume all of the Factols were being wrong and foolish in their assumption that they know the answers, and would probably form a neat lesser faction who seeks to learn more, without expecting that they're ever capable of learning everything. They'd be quite heavily opposed to the Guvners and Godsmen in this aspect, but mostly would have a "live and let live" attitude.