Why the Flumph is back (one theory)

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Why the Flumph is back (one theory)

(The following was related by a clearly-intoxicated Githzerai , name unknown, in a Lower Ward tavern.)

"A lot of folks been scratching their brain-boxes, wondering why some Prime berk decided to write up an entry for the long-forgotten Flumph in their new guide to planar and material beings. Well, here's the dark of it. One of the oldest mysteries in the multiverse is what's on the top layer of Mount Celestia. Seems every berk and his blink dog's got a theory. But they're all wrong. See, Flumphs, like everyone else, had to have a creator, and Flumphs are lawful good. So it stands to reason that their god would be, too - follow? But nobody's ever heard of the Flumphs having a god... until now! See, on some barmy Prime world I visited recently, the clueless sods actually wrote a book about the worship of this being, and I perused it. While much of the chant in that book is dead wrong, the being depicted in the art is clearly a Flumph. So I figure that the god on the very top of Mount Celestia is none other than the so-called "Flying Spagetti Monster"! Daft name, I know, but what do you expect from a bunch of Primes? Nobody but Flumphs are allowed on the top layer, see, so...

... what'd ya mean, I've had too much to drink? Sod off!!"

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Awesome. I had a feeling you

Awesome. I had a feeling you were going with the FSP.


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In recent news, we now know

In recent news, we now know the Temple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster's specialist priests wear a special helmet as part of their religious vestments. Why it has holes like a strainer is anyone's guess...