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Planar Fiction

Does anyone have a list that is up to date with locations of Planescape fiction online?

I am aware of a few examples such as:

1. On the Wings of Mephits - Planescape Fiction Archive
[] last updated May 19 2004

2. Shemeshka's Planescape Storyhour
[] Part 1 last updated 29 January 2014
[] Part 2 last updated 17 July 2010
[] Part 3 last updated 28 May 2015

3. On the Planes storyhour by Thirdwizard
[] last updated 09 July 2015

Any other storyhours worth mentioning? What about fiction from Obsidian Portal, blogs, or other sources? Please add them to this thread!

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As expected of yugoloth texts

As expected of yugoloth texts, this is fragmentary and not complete, and I'm probably way behind on updates and stuff, but to prevent her majesty from dirtying her paws by doing it herself:

Shemeska's Demented Cycle

#1 Tellura Ibn Shartalan, the Dire Shepherd
#3 Tarsikus Ibn Meth'kultesh, The Book Binder
#4 Harishek Ap Thul'kesh, The Blind Clockmaker
#5 Jezifreth Na'Harsindrian, The Inquisitor
#6 Daru Ib Shamiq, The Lie Weaver
#7 Koristal Il Palinthiin, The Proselytizer
#8 Methikus sar Telmuril, The Flesh Sculptor
#9 Sarkithel fek Parthis, The Chronicler
#10 Lazarius Ibn Shartalan, The Architect
#11 'The Shackler'
#12 'The Dream Reaver'
#13 'The Ineffable'

Semi-related entities that we were promised stories about: :)
Chorazin Ibn Shatalan, 'The Thrice Damned'
Yrsinius the Elder

Slightly related stuff:
For There is a Hole in the Sky
Evil Seeps Through
The Heart of Perdition
(A story of the 'love' between Larsdana Ap Neut and Helekanalaith, the first and second Keepers of the Tower Arcane.)
The Dreamer and the Fiend
(Backstory to 'Heart of Perdition' which explores Larsdana Ap Neut's actions prior to her death, her children, and the unasked for advice of the Dream Reaver)

Twin Furnaces
(Not by Shemmy but by rip, includes some of the aformentioned characters)

Of course there's also lots of other excellent fiction in the archives, it's just that these immediately sprang to mind.

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There's also the official

There's also the official books:
- Pages of Pain, by Troy Denning (ISBN 978-0786906710)
- The Bloodwars Trilogy, by J. Robert King
-- Blood Hostages (ISBN 978-0786904730)
-- Abyssal Warriors (ISBN 978-0786905010)
-- Planar Powers (ISBN 978-0786905324)

(the blood war books aren't well liked, from what I hear)

There's a novelization of the Torment game (or are there two versions? Not sure.), but I don't know much about that. Presumably it's titled Torment?

And there's the sorta-kinda book Fire and Dust, but that's already covered by your first link.

There's the Unity of Rings comic. Although the comic from Hellbound is nice, I actually like this one better.
Then there's also the fan comics Planescape Survival Guide and Planescape Metamorphosis.

And I have had these bookmarked for forever, although sadly I never got around to reading them.

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Much thanks

Thanks, I have read most of these. I will look in to the others.
Your information on the Blood War trilogy is correct. I read it, and they are not as good as Pages of Pain, Fire & Dust, or the Torment novel.