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Pathfinder outsiders

Bestiary 5 is released and it's got several new outsider groups, manasaputras from the Positive energy plane and the sahkil from the Ethereal. It's great cause I never had enough information about these places.

What do you think about the outsiders from PF, are they compatible with Planescape?

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Aatheriexa: this is such a

Aatheriexa: this is such a Spelljammer monster. They could show up in Sigil and lower planar gate towns, though, with beholderkin servants. Maybe allied with kytons or Mercykillers.

Lipika: Found in the realms of powers of fate like Istus, wandering the planes, clashing with or replacing rilmani.

Othaos: positive and negative energy planes, plane of shadow, luminaries like Arcadia's sun.

Cervinal: evolved cervidals?

Akhat: some of Sigil's buildings might be Akhats, also in Thoth's library, Geb's realm, and elsewhere in the planes.

Akaname: in the Hive Ward and Sigil's sewers.

Android: from technological worlds, the Barrier Peaks crash, the junkyards of Thuldanin in Acheron.

Anemos: high ranking ministers in the Celestial Bureaucracy, minor Olympian gods.

Balisse: servants of good powers. Found anywhere moral dilemmas exist. It'd be fun to have one fall in love with a fiend.

Choral: rivals of lillends. Parents of bardic aasimars.

Empyrean: good counterparts of baernaloths?

Animate hair: the familiar of a mage named Rapunzel.

Anunnaki: responsible for ancient ruins, dominated Sigil before the time of the Imaskari and vanished (mazed by the Lady of Pain?), possibly the true origin of several supposed gods. Was Aoskar an anunnaki? The Sumerian pantheon? The Aztec pantheon? The god-kings of Unther and Mulhorand? What modern races would be dismayed to learn the anunnaki created them? Chant is they're returning, and the elohim aren't happy. The Athar see them as proof of their beliefs, but don't want them around either.

Apallie: one just wants to conform as a member of the Harmonium, but struggles to disguise its true nature.

Megaprimatus: the Isle of the Ape demiplane.

Apkallu: natives of Mechanus and/or Arcadia. Librarians in Thoth's realm and the Guvner citadel. They know more about the anunnaki than anyone, but keep the knowledge hidden because they fear it would be disruptive. Creations of the twilight pitris?

Exscinder: agree with the apkallu about keeping the anunnaki and other darks secret. Will destroy apkallu libraries, or any other libraries, if need be.

Gate archon: guard portals to Mount Celestia, even those in Sigil and other planar cities. Occasionally rented out to guard other portals, for example to the lower planes or the Far Realm. Sometimes forced to battle inevitables and aeons who seek to destroy the portals under their protection.

Astomoi: members of the Ciphers?

Bisha ga tsuki: Paraelemental Plane of ice, negative energy plane?

Blightspawn: lower planar gate towns, Sigil.

Bone ship: River Styx, Abyssal oceans, Carceri

Caller in Darkness: astral plane, Pandemonium

Cherufe: Paraelemental Plane of Magma.

Chuspiki: elemental plane of Air

Clockwork familiar: Mechanus, Automata

Caligni: Revolutionary League, Curst.

Death coach: for the Dustman who wants to travel in style.

Deep one: lower ward, near the Ditch. Bleakers and indeps, not so bad once you get to know them. My opinion is that in a place as urban and diverse as Sigil, the only true "evil" races are literal personifications of evil like fiends, and everything else can be of any alignment. They might worship Cthulhu, but you know, it's just tradition, and mostly just on Christmas and Easter; it doesn't mean they're more violent than anyone else.

Abrikandilu: allies of the Doomguard, enemies of lillends, gancanaghs, raelis, choral archons, etc.

Apostate devils: allies of some morally dubious Athars, enemies of exscinder archons, like to tell people about the anunnaki and elohim to imply that all the powers are fakes.

Egregore: sign of one, will of the one, cranium rats. Some Athar suggest that many supposed gods are actually powerful egregores.

Emotion ooze: cultivated by the Sensates, who have them available for sale.

Griefgall: sometimes Sensates infect themselves with these on purpose as initiation rituals. Perhaps they could domesticate them by growing them in emotion ooze.

Grim reaper: summonable by decks of many things, revered by dustmen, who are protected by the Dead Pact.

Hundun: revered by the Doomguard, who are not protected from them.

Manasaputra: evolved Godsmen? Doomguard regard twilight and solar pitris as goals for the states they might hope to acheive after entropy claims this iteration of the multiverse, and this affirmation of multiversal cycles offers a place where Doomguards and Godsmen can agree. What if Factol Skall of the Dustmen is a renegade twilight pitri instead of, or in addition to being, a lich, convinced that since he is barred from the cosmic fire in the positive energy plane the negative energy plane is the true goal? Perhaps he created the grim reapers. What if every faction has a pitri who secretly inspired it?

Moon dog: related to agathions/guardinals?

Mutant: hive ward, plane of ooze, undersigil, weird demiplanes.

Nemhain: dustmen saints

Robots: Acheron junkyards

Sakhil: enemies of the Godsmen especially, could have xill and phase spider slaves.

Seilenos: found in Olympus.

Shabti: take the place of petitioners throughout the outer planes

Danava: associated with the Vedic pantheon, revered by Doomguard, who may seek to summon them or seek to destroy a danava pillar, or ensure one dies on schedule, or simply gather to witness a pillar's death. Rivals of the marids.

Tulpa: may search the planes to find ways to outlive their creators.

Veela: allied with Sensates.

Vescavor: Obox-ob's realm, maybe Driller's Hives.

Wysp: commonly for sale in Sigil's market ward and inner planar cities

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Apkallu are probably

Apkallu are probably creations of Enki, tough in mythology he's more chaotic. He got killed, or changed his name.

Hunduns are great for the Doomguard, I asked for them on Paizo boards years ago.

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Psychopomps and sakhils

The main thing about the sakhils is that they're corrupted psychopomps, so they fit best in a campaign in which psychopomps (described mainly in the Bestiary 4) exist.

Psychopomps aren't a big part of Planescape as written, but A Guide to the Astral Plane mentions psychopomp-like spirits as defenders of astral conduits (on page 26: the Caretakers, or astral guardians). Unlike Pathfinder's psychopomps, the guardian spirits of astral conduits (who evolve naturally from astral searchers) are only interested in the conduits, caring nothing for the souls that travel through the conduits under their protection. Since the Planescape cosmology doesn't have a dedicated plane of the dead, though, this is probably the best place for psychopomps to be, dwelling in the Astral Plane, although others will serve the gods of the dead in the Outer Planes.

If you're adapting Pathfinder's psychopomps to the Planescape cosmology, psychopomps may form on their own from astral searchers, conglomerations of stray thoughts, fears, and desires in the astral plane, finding their own purpose in existence and drawing others of like minds to their courts. They may even build places of judgment on floating islands of earth or dead gods, channeling astral conduits to stop within their domains before continuing to the Outer Planes.

Mongoose released a d20 supplement about Purgatorium (Purgatorium: Seasons of the Soul), a realm within the Astral Plane through which the spirits of the dead pass on their way to their ultimate destination in the Outer Planes; this would be a sensible place for psychopomps to dwell.

The catrinas will probably mostly be found on the Outer Planar side of astral conduits, ready to welcome new petitioners to their new existences.

The morrignas are assassins who scour the Astral Plane to eliminate threats to the conduits and the souls within, including githyanki, night hags, fiends, and what not.

The nosois are clerks and scribes in the courts of judgment. Some might be drafted to work for nalfeshnee or the Celestial Bureaucracy.

The vanths guard astral conduits, mostly, cooperating with morrignas.

The yamarajes are judges of the dead, and will either work for the gods of death or rule independent domains in the Astral. Some are diplomats in the realms of other outsiders, such as fiends, celestials, aeons, shinigami, and grim reapers.

The shinigami (Bestiary 3) should probably be associated with the psychopomps as well. I'll assume they have their own independent court in Arcadia, where they serve their goddess Izanami, but they are allies of the psychopomps and may cooperate on missions.

The grim reapers (Bestary 5) are probably not enemies of the psychopomps, but I think they're not friends either. Rather, they probably have an uneasy truce, and numerous treaties intended to ensure they don't get in each other's way. It may not take much to start an all-out war between them, but both races would rather avoid this for now.

That brings us to the sakhils, who were once psychopomps before their devotion to their duties was eroded by nihilism. The sakhils have decided that the ultimate decay of all things renders their stewardship of souls meaningless. Perhaps they've been corrupted by the Dark God, Tharizdun, or Shar, or the philosophies of the Doomguard or Bleakers. I don't think they're allied with any of the factions, but I can imagine one or more yamarajes leading their courts to the Ethereal Plane after encountering a proselytizing Doomguard, or perhaps it was an encounter with Ygorl or one of the hunduns.

Remember how psychopomps are created from stray Astral thoughts and emotions? Perhaps they're created from the emotions of the dead as they travel, alone and unprotected, through the silver void, and psychopomps are called forth by their fears and desires. Sakhils are still made of emotion, ultimately, and each of them is inspired by a different sort of fear, remade in that terror's own image. Where psychopomps are called from the void to protect souls from their terrors, sakhils delight in inspiring those fears, perhaps to create more of their own kind or perhaps solely for the pleasure of it. From the sakhils' perspective, they have rediscovered their true natures. They are creatures of fear, and released from their sense of duty they embrace that fact, creating realms of nightmare in the Material Plane and the Plane of Dreams. Divs, demons, quori, and kytons come to their twisted courts, seeking alliance or offering their services.

Esipils are born from the fear of beasts.
Kimenhuls are born from fear of failure.
Pakalchis are born from fear of lost relationships.
Qoloks are born from fear of lost material things.
Wihsaaks are born of fear of insects.

Even if the psychopomps were originally created from hope, loyalty, love, or some other positive emotion, these can easily turn to fear if it seems likely their focus can be taken away.

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I was watching the anime

I was watching the anime Black Butler, and thought the grim reapers in that series are fairly similar to Pathfinder's psychopomps (naturally, as it's a common idea in literature and mythology).

The thing that interested me here was a particular character who had been a standard sort of psychopomp figure before going off the deep end and becoming a serial killer in the mortal world, and it made me think that Pathfinder's grim reapers—which are personifications of violent death—could evolve from psychopomps of various types who've become corrupted in a different way than sakhils have. Instead of becoming creatures of pure fear, they tire of waiting for mortals to die on their own, becoming grim reapers, violent death personified (more likely beginning their existences as lesser deaths).

One thing I love about Planescape is its tendency to give even the most monstrous creatures individual personalities and goals. A grim reaper can be more than a murderous horror; it can be a murderous horror with style. It can be a dark king, a pathetic lost soul, a haunted mourner, a crafty trickster, a rebellious mastermind, a cunning thief, a duplicitous smuggler, a pious priest, a brilliant artist, a loyal knight, a miserable beggar, an inspiration to a sect of Dustmen or their greatest bane, all while still managing to be a murderous horror of some description.

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I like that about Planescape,

I like that about Planescape, npcs like Milori the translator, Fall-from-Grace, or a medusa museum owner. Interesting psychopomps shinigami I know from anime called Death Note. For my game I imagined that some psychopomps are more specialized for working with souls from one pantheon, for example morrignas Celtic, yamarajes Vedic, keres Olympian, or vanths that deal with Charun are most often corrupted.