Out of Abyss as a planar adventure

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Out of Abyss as a planar adventure

I was considering adapting Out of the Abyss into a planar adventure. The idea being that the demon lords were banished from the Abyss but instead of being sent to the underdark of Faerun they are scattered across the planes.
The adventure would start with the adventurers prisoners of drow in Pandemonium, would have to escape and then flee through portals across the planes. Does anyone have any suggestions on which planes to place the other locations in the adventure?
I am not necessarily looking to replace the locations in the adventure with known locations in Planescape.

For example, Blingdenstone could be a gnome enclave in Shurrock. It does not need to be the town of Quarry (From Planes of Conflict).

Any help or suggestions on these other sites from the adventure:

Sloobludop - Pandemonium too?
Neverlight Grove
Blingdenstone - Shurrock?
Tower of Vengeance
The Wormwrithings
The Labyrinth

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More Info

I haven't seen "Out of the Abyss" yet; but I thought it might be helpful to provide some additional details of the "as is" locations in the adventure as this might make it easier for people to think of alternatives.
This is gleaned from a variety of sources so please feel free to correct what I have below (based on your set-up, I assumed that the Abyss was not a valid option for any of these sites):

**Gracklstugh – duergar city with foundries for weapons
[I would suggest the slopes of Gehenna; alternative Acheron]
**Sloobludop – kuo-toa religious city
[Because the kuo-toa are often mad, Pandemonium seems right; maybe Carceri as an alternative]
**Neverlight Grove – mycoid commune
[I know that there is a mycoidial presence on Mechanus]
**Blingdenstone – deep gnome city being rebuilt
[Shurrock in Bytopia seems like a reasonable choice]
**Gauntlgrym – fallen dwarven city being culled over by illithid
[Probably an Outlands site - perhaps having slid out of Celestia or Arcadia]
**Mantol-Derith – trading site for the underground races
[Perhaps the Grey Wastes given that plane's theme of wealth; alternatively Gehenna]
**Gravenhollow – mystic library
[Perhaps on the Outlands near Thoth's Library]
**Tower of Vengeance – sanctum of a drow archmage
[Depending on the mage's agenda, Carceri or the Grey Wastes might work]
**The Wormwrithings – twisting maze of tunnels
[The geography seems like a match for Pandemonium]
**The Labyrinth
[???Carceri with its themes of confinement???]
**Menzoberranzan – drow metropolis
[Perhaps hiding in the dark recesses of Ysgard, to match the original mythological origin of the dark elves]
**Araumycos – huge fungus growth
[???Some planar site that embodies decay???]

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Thank you Palmoides. That is

Thank you Palmoides. That is exactly what I was looking for.
The only one I would change is Gauntlgrym. The dwarves have reclaimed the city and it plays the roll of a safe haven in the adventure. I will probably set that one near Moradin's domain.

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