Numismatists of the Great Wheel

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Numismatists of the Great Wheel

The Poison Pie Publishing House has recently released a new module set in the Planescape Campaign Setting. A brief description of the module and instructions to freely and anonymously download it follow.

The Poison Pie Publishing House is proud to announce the release of the third and final module, Numismatists of the Great Wheel, in the Rare Elements trilogy. In this fantasy role-playing module, the players must travel across the planes of existence in order to acquire a set of coins, each corresponding to a particular alignment (LG, LN, LE, NG, N, NE, CG, CN, CE). It is fitting that the campaign is set in the Planescape cosmology, where each plane corresponds to an alignment. Thus the party must brave the hostile environs of the Abyss to obtain the Chaotic Evil coin, overcome adversity while adhering to strict moral precepts in Mount Celestia to obtain the Lawful Good coin, and similarly for the other alignments. The module is unofficially associated with the set of alignment coins minted at the Rare Elements Foundry, from whom the coins are still available for purchase. For those who don't play, the module still may be of interest if for nothing more than a dozen or so entertaining sketches of non-player characters in Appendix II. The module, as well as the two earlier entries in the trilogy, The Seven Wondrously Replicating Elemental Coins and The Shadow Mephit's Coin, are freely available in electronic format via anonymous download.

The direct link to the Numismatists of the Great Wheel page is here.

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Keep meaning to read this...

Keep meaning to read this... Been pressed for time, but conceptually, broad strokes, I like it a lot. Execrabilia is a great name for a tiefling.

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Interesting. Thanks for the

Interesting. Thanks for the heads up!