List of divine realms?

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Vaevictis Asmadi
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List of divine realms?

I have the List of Gods pdf by Alzrius of EnWorld, and it's mighty useful, but does not include the locations or names of the gods' divine realms.

Has there ever been a list collecting the canon divine realms, with their names and locations and owners? Does anyone know of such a list?

I've gleaned some over the years searching here and there online, and did recently find a list for the Outlands on the Mimir archive of the old Planewalker forum. But I'm hoping that somewhere, there might be a big list similar to Alzrius' List of Gods.

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I'd found such a list on the

I'd found such a list on the old site a while ago. It's by no means comprehensive, and doesn't include exemplar paragons, but it should make for a good start.

Layer, Realm Name, Power
6, Realm of a Million Eyes, Great Mother
7, Phantom Plane, Sess'inek
13, Blood Tor, Beshaba/Umberlee
66, Demonweb Pits, Lolth
74, Smaragd, Merrshaulk/Ramenos
181, Rotting Plain, Laogzed
339, Worm Realm, Urdlen
586, Prison of the Mad God, Diinkarazan
643, Caverns of the Skull, Kali

Olympus, Arvandor, Elven Pantheon
Olympus, Mount Olympus, Greek Pantheon
Olympus, Brightwater, Lliira/Sune/Tymora
Ossa, Caletto, Poseidon
Pelion, Amun-thys, Nephythys

Abellio, Mt. Clanggedin, Clanggedin
Abellio, Marduk, Marduk

Dothion, The Golden Hills, Gnome Pantheon

Othrys, Mt. Othrys, Titans
Minethys, Coeus's Temple, Coeus
Colothys, Crius's Temple, Crius
Colothys, The Steading, Grolantor
Porphatys, Oceanus's Temple, Oceanus
Agathys, Necromanteion, Nerrull
Agathys, Three-Sided Palace, Apomps

Amoria, City of the Star, Ishtar

Khalas, Teardrop Palace, Sung Chiang
Krangath, The Night Below, Shargaas

The Gray Waste
Niflheim, Helheim, Hel
Pluton, Underworld, Hades

--, Fennimar, Fenmarel Mestarine

--, Jade Palace, Shang-ti

Mount Celestia
Mercuria, Bahamut's Palace, Bahamut
Venya, Green Fields, Halfling Pantheon
Solania, Erackinor, Dwarven Pantheon

--, Tir na Og, Celtic Pantheon
--, Dwarven Mountain, Dumathoin
--, Semuanya's Bog, Semuanya
--, Caverns of Thought, Ilsenine
--, The Palace of Judgment, Yen-Wang-Yeh
--, Tvashtri's Lab, Tvashtri
--, Thoth's Estate, Thoth
--, Hidden Realm, Annam
--, Mausoleum of Chronepsis, Chronepsis
--, The Court of Light, Shekinester

Pandesmos, Winter's Hall, Loki
Cocytus, Hruggekolohk, Bugbear Pantheon

Ysgard, Alfheim, Frey
Ysgard, Asgard, The Aesir
Ysgard, Gates of the Moon, Selune
Ysgard, Vanaheim, The Vanir
Muspelheim, Spire of Surtr, Surtr

I also have a list of powers by plane; and would be able to list off a number of realms by plane and layer, though not necessarily the deity attached to it, if that would still be helpful.

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That list is excellent, thank you!

Uh, let me rephrase that:
That list is excellent! I would love to know more, if it's no trouble to you. I'm not in need of this for a game, but to satisfy my boundless curiosity.

There was a website... saved here:
(that does load for me). According to Ripvanwormer, it's got non-canon additions mixed in and while I've gradually sorted out the status of some of it, I don't know for the most part. Others more knowledgeable may find it useful, though.

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On Hallowed Ground

If you can get a hold of On Hallowed Ground, it's accurate as of the mid-nineties. Appendix I is a list of gods by pantheon, with their portfolios, alignments, and realms.

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On Hallowed Ground is my go-to book when I have questions about divine realms in Planescape. Highly recommended!

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Well I think I found a list..

Well I think I found a list... o.O

This thing looks... very handy. Holy cow how did anyone create this.

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Not quite comprehensive, but:
Vaevictis Asmadi
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Awesome, thank you Kaelyn!

Awesome, thank you Kaelyn!