Faction symbol significance?

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Faction symbol significance?

I was wondering what the meaning is behind each of the factions' symbols. Any ideas?

For example, what the heck are the Athar and Anarchist symbols supposed to be?
Why is the deal with the Fated symbol crown and "snakes" in the background?
Why a dragon/griffon/phoenix for the Sign of One?
What's a dagger doing in the Fraternity of Order symbol?
Why do the Godsmen and Harmonium both have a sword in their symbols?
What creature is the Doomguard skull supposed to represent and why?
Why is the Free League symbol a monster that appears to be eating itself?
And so on...

Here are some loving renderings of the 15 faction symbols:

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Here's a link to a similar

Here's a link to a similar discussion in the the old forum:

As mentioned there, some are obvious:

Dustmen - Skall's mask

Sensates - the five senses

Bleakers - Actually the symbol was already on the floor of the Gatehouse when the Bleakers moved in. They thought it fitting to adapt this "meaningless" symbol (Factols Manifesto)

Doomguard - broken skull as a symbol of entropy and decay (Rip van Wormer's Pre Upheaval backstory for some of the factions has members of the Watchtower "Proto-Doomguard" wear clockwork masks, so this might be a remnant from this time. His stuff is so marvellous that I tend to see almost everything of it as canon).

Xaositects - Head of Chaosbeast symbolizing Chaos.

Mercykillers - The Mercykiller Wyrm as a symbol of justice and punishment.

For the others:

Anarchists - several versions of stylized blades (probably somehow connected to that tradtion in Sigil), each cell probably using their own version.

Harmonium - Probably adapted from the Harmonium on Ortho "stalwart, vigilant, uncreative...".

Godsmen - The sword is probably a symbol for the "forge" and the shaping of the individual.

Fated - Probably a reference to the Lady or some obscure founder. As the Fated are a pretty old faction, the original meaning is probably lost.

Free League - As mentioned in the old forum topic, probably a norse symbol (world serpent, nidhöggr etc.) as the faction originated on Ysgard.

Signers - May have been chosen for aesthetic reasons. Dragons are powerful, majestic, beautiful...

Athar - Probably some visual connection to the Lady of Pain, the Shattered Temple and the fall of Aoskar.

Guvners -

Fraternity of Order's icon symbolizes incisive reason, cutting through confusion and applying force at a fulcrum point.

Ciphers -

Transcendent Order is a sun and a moon in a sky; the astronomical patterns of the celestial spheres used as a symbol for the Cadence of the Planes. It always seems to me as if it's being viewed inside a clear, round gem for some reason.
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Godsmen: I think the rays

Godsmen: I think the rays around the sword represent the Source

Fated: could be a Norn

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Good call! The Norn fits

Good call! The Norn fits quite well.