Aoskar & Sigil

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Aoskar & Sigil

I'm currently running Doors to the Unknown and the party sorcerer has recently been revealed (at long last!) to be a cultist of Aoskar. In all likelihood the party will be contacted afterward by the Will of the One to help bring Aoskar back (persuading Omott, possibly foiling some Athar agents, etc).
Here's what I'm brainstorming: what if Aoskar does come back and takes Sigil from LoP? What happens? Are all portals keyless? A period of unrest as the Aoskar cultists rise up/Mass exodus of bashers having been stuck in Sigil? Blood War incursions spilling in from now-permanent portals in the Lower Ward? Major fallout for the Athar and non-Will Signers? What do you think?

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My inclination is to say that

My inclination is to say that if Aoskar is resurrected in Sigil, the first thing he'll do is get out of Sigil as fast as he can, since he knows from personal experience that he's no match for her.

If you really want him to defeat the Lady, I'd say he'd keep the existing portals open; it's not in his interest, as god of portals, to close or disrupt them. I don't think he'd have any reason to exile anyone and he certainly wouldn't want to see the city devastated by the Blood War. He would reclaim his temple from the Athar, however, and Signers would take over the government.

But perhaps my answers are too boring. You would want some exciting consequences resulting from something as momentous as Aoskar's resurrection, after all. You could consider, maybe, that Aoskar is an aspect of Yog-Sothoth, and he fills the Cage with Lovecraftian horrors. Maybe the Lady of Pain creates a copy of Sigil somewhere else. Mqybe the Lady of Pain plays a critical role in holding the multiverse together, as Die Vecna Die! suggested, and without her the structure of the planes begins to fall apart, the elemental planes becoming entangled with the outer planes and prime, the network of portals, astral conduits, and elemental vortices crumbling.

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As the god of portals,

As the god of portals, perhaps he basically can't help himself: gates to the Far Realms start opening.

It immediately becomes time for just about everyone to figure out how to get the Lady back on top -- which is probably as difficult as deposing her in the first place.

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Subtle changes building up

One scenario is that not much changes initially. Aoskar controls all the portals which retain their keys. Aoskar's symbol works as a universal key but it is only available to his worshipers.

Other deities attempt to seize ccontrol of the Cage, after several failed attempts Aoskar learns how to block their attempts and other deities resort to more subtle means.

All this time the number of Dabus go in to decline and although other bashers take up repair & maintenance of the city... the overall integrity of the Cage starts to decay. As more Dabus disappear more parts of the city become inaccessible.

Eventually the choice that heroes investigating the decay of Sigil need to make is - allow the break up of the Cage? Or drive out Aoskar and allow another Dabus to evolve in to the next incarnation of Her Serenity the Lady of Pain...