How much was lost?

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How much was lost?

Wondering on how much was lost in the crash? I only have one thing that I got from this site that I could put up again if it's lost. I have all the copies of the Baernaloth stories if they're needed.

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If you could send those to me

If you could send those to me clueless (@) ? We have copies, but that way we'll have multiples.

For the losses - we had a complete database corruption :-/ So I'm pulling data at this point from our cached files. We've got a lot of those - but it's gonna be a bit rough as we go through and get stuff re-settled. The next step here is to get those flat files up so people can look through them while we get it all back online.

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I see pages up on the Wayback

I see pages up on the Wayback Machine for

I noticed that one had images on the pages that the backup did not have.

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I have a copy of the Tanzu

I have a copy of the Tanzu write-up that Mak-Thuum-Natha and I made.

Was it this site or a different one that used to have the funny quotes randomly generated on the left side of every page?

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Only the dead stop struggling. --Khaasta proverb

Vaevictis- This is/was indeed that site, as the backups on can still attest, heh.

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what do You need?

I have a lot of stuff downloaded from every site I could find. It is on old unused harddisks, now...
If I knew what You are looking for, I could dig them out and have a look.
If You want everything, it'd be o.k., too.