Athar Iron Chariots

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Athar Iron Chariots

I was thinking about fun thematic items for The Athar and came up with one I'm quite proud of which was inspired by a biblical verse. Specifically Judges 1:19

And the LORD was with Judah; and he drove out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.

I thought it would be cool if the Athar actually had chariots that were somehow resistant to holy magic, but I have no Idea what that would look like. If anyone has any idea let me know.

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Haw, haw haw! I've heard

Haw, haw haw! I've heard about this verse.

Let's see... magic items are suggested to be costed at 10,000gp per point over SR 12; SR 20 would normally cost 80,000gp. If the resistance is only against divine magic, then, say, half the cost seems reasonable; 40,000gp so far. It's also a fairly inconvenient shape; one can't wear a chariot. It's useful in its sphere but not in a typical dungeon format. So I might halve it even further, and add on 1,000gp for a masterwork base iron chariot.

So, an Athar iron chariot: 21,000gp. Can carry two people, a driver and a passenger, and any amount of goods one person can carry (above armor and equipment worn by the driver and passenger). Harnesses exist for 1 or 2 horses (and occasionally more exotic beasts). The driver has spell resistance 20 versus divine magic only; as a free action, the driver can assign this resistance to the passenger or to one or both horses, or take it back. An iron chariot that automatically gives spell resistance to both passengers is 41,000gp.

(I don't know if there are rules for chariots somewhere. I would say the primary use of a chariot is for the passenger to make charges with spears and lances; the horse is simultaneously making a bull rush against any foes in the line of attack. An iron chariot gives a shield bonus of +8 to the AC of the driver and passenger against set spears during a charge, but not to the horse. The skill used for driving a chariot is Handle Animal, or Ride with a -2 penalty to skill.)

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Anyone ever see Jason and the

Anyone ever see Jason and the Wheel Warriors? Those car-like things that grew on trees?

I'm thinking Iron Chariots growing off the Bois Verdurous now heh.